Water is safe… calming… private… effective pain relief… quick… easy… good for mother and baby… and it works!

The NSW Dept of Health has released a policy in 2010 - Towards Normal Birth in NSW. This policy directs area health services to provide all women evidence based information on the use of water immersion for pain relief, and encouraging women to adapt different positions in labour and birth, including access to water immersion in labour. Moving Towards Normal Birth in NSW

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Labour in water

Birth Pool Hire

Illawarra Birth Choices have several birth pools available for hire. More Info...

What hospitals support waterbirth?

NEW - March 2009 - Women booked into the Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) at Wollongong Hospital now have the option of waterbirth.
However, the service does not supply women with specialised deep immersion birth pools for the birth. Traditional baths are available. Illawarra Birth Choices has birth pools available for hire.
As far as we are aware, Illawarra women do not have the choice available for waterbirth at Figtree Private Hospital. Contact Wollongong Hospital Maternity Service/your careprovider to confirm this is the current policy.

How can i have a waterbirth?

The only option currently available for waterbirth (in the Illawarra) is to choose to birth your baby at home or the MGP.

Finding out more...

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