Choices for Childbirth - Illawarra Antenatal classes

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There are many choices to make when you’re pregnant.
How and where will you give birth?
Who will provide your maternity care and who will attend the birth?
To make confident and informed choices you need to be aware of all available options.
Choices for Childbirth antenatal classes provide you with information not generally available in other classes.
We provide a comfortable forum where you can listen, learn, ask questions and share in the birth stories of others, all guided by our experienced team of presenters.

Our sessions

Can be attended as a full cycle or individual sessions of your choice.
• Can be attended before or during pregnancy. You are encouraged to attend early for appropriate birth planning.
• Welcome your partner and and/or support people.
• Start on time, please arrive 15 minutes early.
• Provide seating - however feel free to bring a few pillows or cushions for extra comfort.

Our presenters

Our presenters will provide accurate information based on current research.
They include midwives in private practice, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, consumer organisations and parents.

Our philosophy

• Encourages a woman-centred approach to the birth process
• Regards pregnancy and childbirth as normal physiological processes, not illnesses
• Acknowledges the social, cultural and psychological factors influencing childbirth
• Advocates midwives as the primary caregivers to women in normal birth
• Emphasises your right to make informed choices about your caregivers and place of birth
• Promotes continuous assessment and critical evaluation of technologies used in maternity care

Session Descriptions

Choosing a Care Provider, Birth Plans and Optimum Health During your Pregnancy

All About Birth
Gain understanding to support your birth potential

All About Birth continued

Tools for Labour
Understand pain dynamics and how to prepare for them

Supporting your Partner
Practical, positive labour support strategies

Getting the right start with confidence

Sleeping like a Baby
Gentle strategies for adjusting to life with a newborn

Caesarean and Unexpected Outcomes Accurate information to help prepare you for all possible outcomes

Please note: It is possible to attend either a full cycle or individual sessions that interest you, however places are limited and priority is given to those booking full cycles.

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